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WADE DEMERS SAVED HIS DAUGHTER: An Incredible Story of Courage in the Face of Injustice


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WADE DEMERS SAVED HIS DAUGHTER from being crippled for life or killed—you all have it backwards, and you need to know what really happened.

I am writing this to dispel falsehoods that have been entered on the topix forum and in many other areas of media regarding Pastor Wade Demers. There are a number of us here in New England who have viewed extensive, objective documented materials, as well as have spoken with many of the eyewitnesses to these events, among them Pastor Demers himself, and I and others will be writing other things in the future. The material is so voluminous and the slander so extensive that it cannot all be covered here.

Today I choose to begin by addressing one issue, regarding Pastor Demers’ daughter Nicole. In the past, what has been written and printed in the media and on some forums is TOTALLY FALSE—the truth is that the surgery that the doctors and the authorities were going to force on little Nicole was NOT “life-saving”—it would have killed or crippled her.

Yes, you have it backwards. Read on… (Bear with me, because this cannot be told in just a few words. There has been so much slander written about Pastor Demers that it will take quite a bit to tell all of the facts. This one subject is only the tip of the iceberg. But, as they say, a very long journey begins with a single step.)

I would also like to let you know that I have purposely repeated certain details because there is a lot to tell and so for the reader there is a lot to absorb; and in order for me to more effectively dispel the slander, I wanted to make sure that these details were emphasized to counteract the lies that have been told. So, the repetition has been done on purpose.

The whole story is quite amazing and has the makings of a fantastic movie that would boggle the mind because you couldn’t come up with some of this stuff if you made it up; it is so unbelievable at times, although every bit is true.

(Before I start with the story, let me make it clear that the story begins in the 1980's, and at the present time of this writing, the children are in their 20's and 30's.)

To begin, I quote from an interview with Pastor Demers:
“Our daughter Nicole contracted a rare disease called fibrous dysplasia, and the main symptom of that was that the cross-section of her bones, you know, if you look at a bone, the cross section is supposed to have a normal part of hard part and soft, and it was out of proportion. It was more soft in proportion to the hard part than normal, so her bones were brittle.

“And of course, we believe in Jesus being our doctor and our healer, just as He has told us in the Bible: God says in Exodus 15:26, “I, the LORD, am your healer,”and Psalm 103:3 says, “(He) heals all your diseases,” and Isaiah 53:5 says “…and by His scourging we are healed.”
God had told us that He would heal Nicole if we kept our faith in Him, and that she just needed physical therapy to strengthen those ligaments and the muscles, until He chose to heal the unhealable syndrome that was affecting her bones. (By the way, although chronic and incurable except by God, fibrous dysplasia is not in any way life-threatening—never has been, never will be. Also, there are no medicines that can cure it.) “Somebody became aware of our daughter’s condition, and, unbeknownst to us, called child protective services (called, at that time, in Rhode Island, DCF --Department for Children and Families). In Rhode Island, police surrounded our house, put guns at my head—state policemen, they put guns at my head and said that they wanted me to sign a paper saying that my daughter could receive medical attention.

“So they forcibly tore our daughter from my arms and proceeded to get a restraining order saying that we couldn’t see our daughter, and were threatening me about what would happen to me if she died (remember, fibrous dysplasia is not life-threatening)…they were screaming in my face as they were taking my daughter away…a guy that looked like he was with the Gestapo, from DCF (named Frank Yetner), was screaming, “WE’RE GONNA HAVE YOU UP FOR MURDER ONE!”

“Remember, God had told me to give our daughter physical therapy, which I was planning to do. But these people went absolutely crazy. They proceeded to get a restraining order saying that we couldn’t see our daughter; they strapped her to a bed at Rhode Island Hospital, and kept armed guards on duty to keep us from visiting our terrified child. She was 4 years old at the time. We couldn’t see her, and she couldn’t see us. They began the process to get so they could operate on our daughter. The next day, my wife and myself were forcibly taken to separate jail cells and told that if we didn’t sign the paper to operate, they wouldn’t let us out of jail. Because we refused to sign, after about two hours they let us go because their threatening and attempting to extort us didn’t work. And of course that’s all obviously patently illegal, according to law, they can’t do that.

“A whole month went by…lots of crazy things happened…the man (now deceased) who was the head of DCF, Dr. Ed Collins, had put together a team of, I believe it was 4 people, doctors, to perform an operation that was recommended for fibrous dysplasia in the standard literature in the medical profession. But this was a very rare disease, and so there was only one paragraph about it.

“So we were desperate, and time and space won’t permit me to go into all the details of all the heartache and horror of that time of having our daughter away from us…but, for example, my parents, the newspaper, and the other media were all saying how awful I was for refusing to sign the court order saying they could operate on our daughter. But I knew that God would be true to His word and God says, “I, the LORD, am your healer” (Exodus 15:26), and God said not to let them operate.

“I cried out to God in prayer and asked Him what to do. He told me to go to the Rhode Island Hospital Medical Library.

“I had previous experience because I did my graduate assistantship in medical engineering at Rhode Island Hospital. I went and used the card catalog (I knew how to use it, but probably more than most because my mother was a librarian), but, according to the card file, there was nothing in the whole medical library about fibrous dysplasia.

“They had moveable shelf stacks, and I leaned against the wall with my head against the wall, in despair…saying to myself, ‘This is crazy; here I am thinking that I’m listening to God’s voice…I’m just crazy, just like everyone says.’ Then I heard God say, ‘There is a book; it’s not catalogued…it’s orange hardback. It’s lying on the shelves to your right, flat, in an open space on the shelf.’

“I went to the open space, and the book was as described by God, where He said it would be. I opened it up, it was a very new book, and in the bibliography it made reference to some periodic literature from Mass. General Hospital concerning fibrous dysplasia. I immediately went to the reference desk, and asked the reference librarian, I showed her the citation in the bibliography, and I asked her, “Do you know anything about this literature, how I can get a hold of it?" She had a large manila envelope in her hand, stuffed. She said, “That’s amazing; a courier just gave this to me…it’s from Mass. General Hospital. It’s a study concerning fibrous dysplasia that was done, tracking 90 patients over 50 years.”

“I was stunned, but happy and pleased. I sat right down and read it—all. The main points were this: that what was said about fibrous dysplasia in the existing literature was in error, and that the operation would cripple or kill a pre-pubescent child…remember, Nicole was 4. This is the very operation that the State was proceeding to get a court order to do without our (the parents’) permission.

“It went on to say that fibrous dysplasia is incurable, and that the recommended course of action was physical therapy to ameliorate the weakness by strengthening the ligaments and tendons around the weakened sites—just as God had told me.

“Armed with this information, I immediately went back to the church office, and got people who could type, and made a letter, had copies made, and sent them to everybody: the press, government officials, president of the U.S., but also the local law enforcement authorities, judges, doctors, and the people in DCF. The reactions were varied and different: DCF’s reaction was the most bizarre; instead of acting logically and admitting their error, they (totally ignoring the welfare of the child and not wanting to admit their mistake) did two things: 1. They got a restraining order saying that I couldn’t go to the Rhode Island Hospital Library anymore, and 2. They proceeded to fix the date and time for the operation to go forward on Nicole! Yes, the same operation that Massachusetts General Hospital’s study (tracking 90 patients over 50 years) had proved would either cripple or kill her!

“Of course the judges and the doctors had a different reaction. Dr. Mary Arnold, one of the four doctors put on the team by Dr. Collins, had participated in and set up an operation the year before and had indeed crippled a four year old girl, and it was only a miracle that the child had lived. They realized at this point the magnitude of their error. They had been trying to get me to sign a death warrant or a crippling order for my daughter…because I was choosing to trust in God’s voice and the words He gave me. I stood fast. “So there it is: the State of Rhode Island, at the urging of Dr. Collins and the DCF, HAD ISSUED A COURT ORDER TO KILL OR CRIPPLE MY DAUGHER NICOLE. It was only after God had led me to that research, and the doctors panicked and put the pressure on the lawyers, that they reconsidered what they were doing.

“We were never taken to a courtroom. My wife Jacalynn* and I were taken to a conference room in the court building. There was a judge, lawyers from DCF, doctors, lawyers for the doctors, and they sent our daughter home without the operation, just saying she needed the physical therapy--what I had said that she needed from the beginning.

“If you are wondering why there were no corrections made in the media, and why to this day no one’s corrected the lies that are in the media, here is just one telling example: A Rhode Island television reporter and news anchor, Debra Horne of Channel 6, when we asked her why they wouldn’t put the truth of what happened on the news, said: ‘You don’t understand our business; the media doesn’t like to admit mistakes, even if it’s slander.’”

This is the reason I am writing…to this day these lies are repeated by, for example, the mayor of the city where Pastor Demers now lives (Meridian, Mississippi), and people like the mayor (John Robert Smith) not only repeat the lies and slander, but also, they refuse to look at the evidence that proves that it’s all lies! Can you imagine that?

Also, can you imagine what it must be like for Pastor Demers after over 20 years, to have people continue to repeat these lies and having a mayor who is covering up arson (committed against Pastor Demers and Christ’s Church in Action in Meridian, Mississippi, where he is pastor) and other crimes, repeating these lies? I’ve seen the objective documentation and it verifies exactly what Pastor Demers had related to me in every detail; the State of RI was not only in error but was asking a man to sign off on an operation which in the worst case could quite possibly have been fatal to his daughter, but even in the best case would have crippled her for life!

I will also be quoting from a letter produced years later by a Dr. John Roberts, hand-signed by him, written on his official Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University stationery, which is one of many official documents which I have seen that confirms what Pastor Demers is saying is true, and that what Pastor Demers’ detractors are saying is absolute fabrication and, in many cases, nonsense.

So you see, Pastor Demers is not what he’s been made out to be…on the contrary, he’s a hero. Trusting that he heard God’s words, and going by his faith, he saved his daughter from being crippled for life or possibly killed. What has been printed in the media is the opposite of the truth…. Pastor Demers didn’t hurt his daughter, he saved her—it was the DCF, the authorities, and the doctors who were going to kill or cripple 4 year old Nicole!

Can you imagine those people trying to force a father to sign a death warrant or a crippling order for his child? Just because he chose to believe the voice and Word of God? And, he was willing to die under the guns of state policemen at his head to stand up for what he believed in, God’s Word. Put yourself in his position. They had absolutely no right to do that, and they almost killed or crippled his daughter for life, even after they discovered their mistake! I don’t know if any of you out there would have stood for this. Some of you would have taken out a gun and shot someone. But Pastor Demers continued to trust his God through the agony, and to him, his God was faithful.

Problem is, the slander still is in existence, in print and in people’s minds. That is why I (and others like me) am here writing this.

Subsequently, Jacalynn Demers started divorce proceedings on Pastor Demers…she said, on the news “I didn’t marry no preacher, I married a businessman.” She admitted on the air that she married him for money, and she didn’t like giving everything up to serve God. Jacalynn Demers got a false restraining order based on lies and had Pastor Demers put out of the house. The slander in the media aided in her ability to get this false restraining order, and so one day Pastor Demers just couldn’t go to his home anymore; he was put out of his own house. He couldn’t go home, and he couldn’t see his children…and also due to the slander and lies in the media, Jacalynn got immediate custody of the children, and thus, a pattern of neglect and abuse began.

Because Jacalynn decided to “party” and do whatever she wanted, she neglected to give Nicole the physical therapy needed, and instead went out drinking all the time, even taking Nicole to bars with her. Subsequently, due to Jacalynn’s abuse and neglect of Nicole, 2 years later Nicole needed a corrective type of surgery to correct the deformity that had been caused by Jacalynn’s neglect, the very deformities that the physical therapy was designed to prevent; a surgery that Pastor Demers interceded to obtain for Nicole even though he was not allowed in or near his house and couldn’t see his children, and the slander and lies about him were still abounding. (This surgery had nothing to do with fixing the fibrous dysplasia, it was only to correct the deformity caused by Jacalynn’s neglect.)

It’s sad, because if everyone had listened to Pastor Demers in the first place, Nicole would have been fine. I will present just some of the details of what happened subsequent to Pastor Demers saving Nicole from being killed or crippled for life.

Unfortunately, all three of Pastor Demers’ children ended up being hurt because of the things I am about to tell you that Jacalynn and other people did; and actually a young man and an elderly woman are dead due to what Jacalynn Demers, the courts (including a woman named Rogeriee Thompson who is now a judge), the DCF, and other segments of the Rhode Island system did because they wanted to cover up their greed and criminal deeds and continue their personal vendettas against Wade Demers, instead of considering the welfare of the children.

Also, there are countless other children and people who have been hurt because the slander and lies are stopping Pastor Demers from being able to do the ministry work that God has given him to do, which is all he really wants to do. (From my research, this man appears to be no different than the apostles in the book called the Bible who were persecuted; this is nothing new, but apparently it just hasn’t been done in a long time. Pastor Demers quoted a scripture to me--Hosea 4:6, which says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Although, according to the people who believe the Bible, it is natural for a true apostle to receive persecution, we are fed up with this--that doesn’t make persecution right. We are of diverse backgrounds and some of us don’t ascribe to the beliefs that Pastor Demers holds, but we understand persecution and as I said, though expected, the persecutors are still WRONG. (Pontius Pilate and Herod are not the good guys.)

I have met several people whose lives have been transformed for the better because of the ministry of this man. The ministry work that he and his wife, Patti, do is absolutely wonderful. But he can’t effectively minister to most of the people who need his help, because the slander and defamation affects the majority of the people in an adverse way. It needs to be deleted, or at least counteracted, so that people won’t be affected by it who might otherwise be helped. It’s hard to get people to listen when they are looking at someone and thinking that they are bad because of something untrue that they’ve read or heard (which is of course, the purpose of slander and the objective of the slanderer.)

Again, it is much too involved to go into everything here, but I am trying to make a small dent in the huge, gigantic, outlandish, and cruel mountain of lies that have been built about this man. So, read on if you care to.

Back to the reality of the story: Jacalynn, after putting her husband out of the house with that falsely obtained restraining order, let the household run rampant and out of control (more details to follow), and the children—a girl aged 12 (Danielle) a boy aged 14 (Kirk), and Nicole, aged 4, were hurt very badly because of this. Jacalynn went out to bars (such as Patient Lucy’s in Attleboro, Massachusetts) with her girlfriend (Linda Evans) many times bringing young Nicole (4 years old) along to the bar. Nicole would be sitting on the floor next to the bar stool at Jacalynn’s feet.

Jacalynn was getting drunk with Linda, and there was a man named Jerry Chaput whom Jacalynn picked up there whom she was sleeping with during that time period. Jacalynn would get so drunk she would fall off the bar stool, and Nicole would be sitting there on the floor at Jacalynn’s feet, seeing all of this. Sometimes Jacalynn would almost fall right onto Nicole when she fell off her bar stool. (By the way, based on the documents I’ve reviewed and witnesses I’ve interviewed, and Jacalynn’s own confessions which she made in interviews with psychiatrists, what Jacalynn did to Nicole was bad enough, but it’s nothing compared to the mental, physical, and psychological abuse that Jacalynn did to the other two children, Danielle and Kirk, after she had put her husband out.

It’s all very sad and terrible…apparently based on the documentation and confessions by Jacalynn, it appears that Jacalynn Demers needed her husband to keep herself under control; she was an alcoholic and had lots of other problems…that whole household went out of control when Pastor Demers was gone. The evidence strongly points to the fact that they needed their dad who was the stabilizing influence and the voice of reason.)

During this time frame, Kirk and Danielle would have friends and other people over, ranging in age from 12 to 23, many of them at times living at and/or sleeping over at the home. Sometimes there were as many as 20 young people living in the house.


The following are just some of the things that went on in that house when Pastor Demers had been put out and Jacalynn was in charge:

  • The 12 and 14 year olds, Danielle and Kirk, were drinking beer by the case, with the 4 year old watching. Jacalynn had purchased this beer for her children and for the neighbors’ children. Jacalynn’s attitude was “they need to have fun, they’re young.”
  • The children were also drinking hard liquor by the bottle, brought to the house by other men.
  • They were making, using, and selling LSD and driving the family car, all of this with Jacalynn’s full knowledge and permission…
  • The 12 and 14 year old were becoming sexually active, which progressed over a short period of time from petting to full intercourse.
  • There were men over 18 having sex with young girls in the house, including Danielle who was 12 and then 13 at the time (over the span of two years or so). (By the way, did you know that that is statutory rape?)

Jacalynn admitted most of this in some official documents produced years later, made by a psychiatrist at Bradley Hospital—it’s too complicated to get into all of it here. Also, by then it was too late; the children had been irreparably harmed by all of this. Following is an example of some other things that happened, according to a document I read that is hand-signed by the children’s grandmother (Pastor Demers’ mother, Irene Demers).

Irene Demers entered Jacalynn’s home one day, and saw a “large-caliber hand gun” (her words) on the table, and “many young men and women whom I did not know, running around the house, out of control.” Jacalynn was not at home at the time. This apparently was a common scene during this time frame. (Irene Demers did nothing to stop this or any of the other horrible things that were going on that were hurting the children…she did nothing because of her stated hatred of her son’s belief in the Bible, due to the fact that she was a Roman Catholic. She literally stated that the worst day of her life was when she found out that her son was preaching from the Bible on the streets of Providence. Even though as a librarian and an educated woman, who obviously knew that what was going on at Jacalynn’s house was wrong, she couldn’t admit she was wrong, because that would mean that she would have to admit that her son was right.

Back to the story: the way that the information came out about what was happening at Jacalynn’s house was that, although the children were prevented from visiting their dad or having any contact with him, the older daughter, Danielle, would secretly contact her dad and many times express how crazy and terrible life had become for her and her brother and sister at the house since he was gone.

Also, others who had direct contact with Jacalynn Demers and the children were appalled at what was going on and would inform Pastor Demers of the horrid details of what was happening. (Many of these details, as I said before, were confirmed by Jacalynn Demers herself in documents which were produced when she was being interviewed by a psychiatrist.) It was through these sources that Pastor Demers learned of the neglect of Nicole’s medical condition and of the obvious visible deformity of her leg, starting from the hip down, and that is when he interceded to help Nicole by getting her that corrective surgery.

Unfortunately, most of the people who knew what was going on at Jacalynn’s house (through either first-hand knowledge or eyewitness accounts) couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything to help. (For example, one of these people was a Smithfield, RI policeman who knew what was going on at that home, but who couldn’t intervene because (according to him) the Captain of the Smithfield Police and Lieutenant Williams of the Smithfield Police were covering up for Jacalynn. By the way, the Captain of the Smithfield Police Department was an uncle of then 14 year old Kirk’s then sexual and drinking partner and girlfriend, Rachel, who was younger than Kirk and who was then living at the house almost full-time. (Subsequently it turns out that Lt. Williams was a friend of one of the lawyers who was involved in criminal activity committed against Pastor Demers in the courts, Rogeriee Thompson, who is now a judge—more about her later.)

During this time, as I said before, Jacalynn neglected to give Nicole the physical therapy that was necessary. Because the ligaments and the muscles were never strengthened because Jacalynn did NOT do the physical therapy, the bones were still weak, because fibrous dysplasia is incurable. And subsequently when Pastor Demers found out that his ex-wife had abusively neglected to give Nicole the physical therapy needed (and that because of this, his daughter’s leg and hip were constantly being broken and re-healed, and broken and re-healed, and she was getting deformed), Pastor Demers intervened to have a corrective surgery done to help Nicole with the deformity—remember, this had nothing to do with correcting, healing or eliminating the fibrous dysplasia, it was just a surgery to correct the deformity caused by Jacalynn’s neglect.

You see, at this point Nicole was under her mother’s roof and her mother didn’t believe in God for healing; and because a child is healed by the faith of his parents (just like Moses was saved by the faith of his parents), Nicole’s mother had forced Nicole into that position. Nicole wasn’t with her dad, who had the faith to trust in God for healing. Nicole was with her mother who didn’t believe.

Also, please know for certain that Pastor Demers would have been diligent to see that his daughter continued to get the physical therapy she needed if he had been there; Jacalynn wasn’t diligent and Jacalynn didn’t do the physical therapy. In fact, until Pastor Demers was put out of the house on that falsely obtained restraining order, he was actually doing the physical therapy with Nicole himself, and thus Nicole was not subject to the deformity as long as her dad was around.

You may ask, what was the court’s role in all of this? How come no one intervened on behalf of the children? Let me try to paint the picture for you so you will understand what happened with that situation. Because of the lies by the media and everybody else, Jacalynn, as I said before, got immediate sole custody of the children…plus, the judge and two lawyers on the case saw an opportunity to bleed the Demers estate for money by creating a false conflict so they could keep the court “battle” going on and continue with false billings to get thousands and thousands of dollars. You see, very early on, Pastor Demers signed a no-contest stipulation, giving up everything rather than have a conflict in court with the divorce, which he felt would hurt the children. The judge and the lawyers ignored the no-contest stipulation, and continued the court hearings so they could keep getting more and more money.

The judge who was assigned to this divorce case was RI Family Court Judge Thomas Fay. He appointed a guardian ad litem who was supposed to look out for the best interests of the children; he picked a good friend of his, a lawyer named Rogeriee Thompson (O. Rogeriee Thompson, to be exact). This woman ignored all of the things going on at the home of Jacalynn Demers, and when Pastor Demers would call Rogeriee Thompson’s office to give her information about things he had been finding out about that were going on at Jacalynn’s house, and to beg Rogeriee Thompson to help his children, she would do such things as say, “They’re fine,” and hang up on him.

She would not intervene on the children’s behalf, even though it was her job. Eventually she even started having her assistant Suzanne Dash verbally abuse Pastor Demers, or would put him on hold and then never come back to the phone--so that he would have to hang up and call back, only to be subjected to more abuse. And all the while he was only trying to get help for his children.So you see, part of the problem was that the judge, the guardian ad litem, and Jacalynn’s lawyer, Nicholas Colangelo, had discovered that they could make a lot of money by keeping this going on. So, the children were expendable.

Yes, Pastor Demers intervened and got Nicole this corrective surgery, while his ex-wife was drinking and having sex and allowing the children to have sex, drugs, and booze in her home. During this time Rogeriee Thompson, Judge Fay and others were involved in slandering Pastor Demers, so they could continue to bilk the estate that Pastor Demers voluntarily gave to his wife for her and the children. By the way, Judge Fay and the two lawyers did this by holding well over 100 hearings over a 2-year period in an uncontested divorce. They did this because they saw that there was over a million dollars in assets that had been built up in the Demers estate, and there was, for them, a real “gravy train.”

Judge Fay would let Rogeriee Thompson and Nicholas Colangelo bill themselves for these phony hearings which were not needed—it was an uncontested divorce! In this way, through fraudulent billing, $50,000.00 was taken, and beyond that, there is over a quarter of a million dollars ($250,000.00) unaccounted for. If anyone had listened to Pastor Demers, that “gravy train” would have stopped, and they knew it. So—there would be no more "big bucks"; plus, they would have gone to jail for their crimes. (You might remember a case of a woman named Sylvia Johnson in Colorado who went to jail for letting teenagers drink, take drugs and have sex in her home…what Jacalynn and these people did was much worse.)

By the way, speaking of the money, one day when the children had been getting into more trouble and Pastor Demers had found out about it (for one thing, Kirk had racked up the family car), Pastor Demers decided to try to call Nicholas Colangelo because he wasn’t getting any help from the guardian ad litem Rogeriee Thompson. Nicholas Colangelo’s live-in mistress got on the phone and started laughing at Pastor Demers and saying, “Ha, ha, Wade Demers, we’re taking your f---ing money and we’re going to the Caribbean! Ha, ha!” As I said, there’s a lot to be told here. Back to the story about little Nicole…. (Let me say it, one more time, again) Jacalynn let her daughter become deformed. Even though Pastor Demers was out of the house with everybody lying about what had happened with Nicole, and were saying all manner of evil lies about him, Pastor Demers interceded and got Nicole a corrective surgery, (not the original operation addressing the fibrous dysplasia) to make up for the deformity because of his ex-wife’s and guardian ad litem Rogeriee Thompson’s neglect.

This is neither Pastor Demers’ opinion nor mine. There is documented proof, including medical research and medical documents/records which I have seen, a doctor’s letter which I have which I will quote from, and there is also a tape recording made by the doctor to protect Pastor Demers. These things were happening because the DCF, the courts, Rogeriee Thompson, and Jacalynn, all were "out to get" Pastor Demers and needed to cover up what they were doing because they knew that they would all go to jail if it ever came out.

Dr. John Roberts wrote a letter, which I have right here in front of me as I write this, and which is hand-signed by him. It has “BROWN UNIVERSITY PROGRAM IN MEDICINE” on the upper left, and “RHODE ISLAND HOSPITAL” on the upper right, two crests in the middle (Brown University’s and Rhode Island Hospital’s), and it has his name and titles: Professor, Orthopaedics and Pediatrics (Brown University), Surgeon-in-Charge, Division of Pediatric Orthopedics (RI Hospital) etc. on the letterhead. In this letter, dated March 11, 1987, Dr. Roberts indicated that at the time he wrote the letter (which was after the two years of neglect by Jacalynn Demers, when Pastor Demers was not allowed to even see his children), “corrective osteotomy with internal fixation was indicated.”

By this time, as stated before, due to Jacalynn Demers’ neglect and failure to do the needed physical therapy, (and Rogeriee Thompson’s neglect in her job as guardian ad litem), Nicole’s condition had worsened terribly instead of getting better, and her hip and leg were deformed. Fibrous dysplasia was still there because it is chronic and incurable and there is no medicine for it; but if Jacalynn had done the recommended physical therapy, Nicole wouldn’t have gotten deformed and wouldn’t have needed the corrective surgery.

Dr. Roberts wrote: “the deformity of the right upper femur had clearly increased from 1984 to 1986 and had become an unacceptable amount of coxa vera. I felt that corrective osteotomy with internal fixation was indicated…insofar as Nicole is concerned, the deformity of the right upper femur as it existed in 1984 would probably not need osteotomy, but in 1986, it had increased to the point where it was indicated.” (End of quotes from Dr. Roberts’ letter.)It should be noted that we have gleaned from our research currently that Nicole still has fibrous dysplasia to this day.

Over time, all of the details will be told of how terrible this whole situation was and how the courts, led by Judge Thomas Fay, Rogeriee Thompson (who was then a lawyer and the guardian ad litem for the children, and is now a judge), and Nicholas Colangelo ignored, supported, and abetted the terrible neglect and abuse by Jacalynn Demers of the three children who had been put in her sole custody.

During this whole time frame, Rogeriee Thompson, Nicholas Colangelo (Jacalynn’s lawyer) and Judge Thomas Fay (who then went on to become Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court but has since been removed, disbarred and is now a convicted felon) were all saying that Pastor Demers was wrong, and were actually saying much worse than that, in order to defame Pastor Demers and ruin his reputation so they could cover up their own crimes.

As time went on, they got in so deep that they knew if it came out what was happening to the children in Jacalynn’s home, and the illegal things they had all done, not only would they lose their “gravy train,” they would all go to jail. So, they even finally resorted to framing Pastor Demers to keep him quiet.

Part of the proof that Pastor Demers was framed is a document produced by a man who was executive counsel and then policy chief to then Governor Bruce Sundlun, Sheldon Whitehouse (who went on to be U.S. Federal Attorney for RI, RI Attorney General, and is now a United States Senator). This document was hand-signed by Governor Sundlun and I have a copy in my possession. This document not only confirms that Pastor Demers was framed, but it is quite detailed, and confirms that what Pastor Demers was saying about what Jacalynn Demers was doing and what was going on in the home after he was put out is true.

The way this document came to be written is that the governor of Rhode Island at the time, Bruce Sundlun, received a barrage of letters regarding Pastor Demers’ innocence. Most of the people who wrote were NOT members of Pastor Demers’ church, but were various center of influence people who knew Pastor Demers and his wife and his mode of life. And because of the diversity and prominence of their positions and their non-direct relationship with Pastor Demers, Governor Sundlun felt compelled to act, and so he appointed Sheldon Whitehouse to look into this matter.

These people who wrote the letters knew that Pastor Demers shouldn’t have been charged with any crime. Because of this, Governor Sundlun, as a response to the letters, appointed Sheldon Whitehouse (who was his policy chief), to do an investigation into the matter. Sheldon Whitehouse did hours and hours of research and wrote a detailed report in which he stated, among other things, that Pastor Demers was only trying to get help for his children. He confirmed that what Pastor Demers was saying about what was going on at the house was true, for example, specifically referring to the children “becoming sexually active,” “drinking and using drugs, and associating with a tough and dangerous group of youths.”

As an end result of his research, he recommended to the governor that Wade Demers be pardoned. (One of the false charges that Rogeriee Thompson, Nicholas Colangelo, and Judge Fay brought against Pastor Demers (the only charge which they got to “stick”) was for obstruction of justice. They claimed that Pastor Demers was “endeavoring to influence, intimidate and impede” Rogeriee Thompson in the discharge of her duties. Actually the opposite was true.

Rogeriee Thompson was the guardian ad litem for the Demers children, and Pastor Demers was well within his rights to call her to inform her of what he knew, so she could act accordingly on behalf of the children, which she did not do. Sheldon Whitehouse’s report confirms this.

Rogeriee Thompson was the person who was responsible for the welfare of those children by law. She is the one who broke the law. But because of their desperate need to cover up what they had all done, Rogeriee Thompson, Nicholas Colangelo, and Judge Fay, along with the myriads of other officials and authorities who were at their disposal because of their positions and their incestuous crony relationships, they framed Pastor Demers and were able to "pull it off " to put him away and try to shut him up. (The slander campaign only aided them in their endeavor to do this, and since the media played right into their hands with their “no corrections, even if it’s slander” policy, they were able to do this.)

It appears that the only reason that Governor Sundlun did not pardon Pastor Demers was political. Pastor Demers had previously been chairman of the Republican Party, and this was a Democratic administration. Governor Sundlun wrote that a pardon hadn’t been done in Rhode Island in 40 years. Governor Sundlun also said that he didn’t want to “effectively reverse the judgment of both the Superior and Supreme Courts of our state.”

Obviously, since I have seen from my research that the judiciary was involved in framing Pastor Demers to keep him quiet about their own crimes, it wouldn’t make political sense for the governor to pardon Pastor Demers.

Also, the following is explained in an extensive article that was in the Providence Journal about Governor Sundlun. Governor Sundlun was a Democrat coming into a democratic administration but he was a Jewish man who was a social outsider to the Italian Catholic Democratic machine that was in control of Rhode Island. In this article it was made clear that Bruce Sundlun couldn’t really be his own man because the people that he was dealing with were all Italian Catholics, such as former Governor DiPrete (who went on to become a convicted felon and did jail time), Joe DeAngelis, the speaker of the house of representatives (who happened to be Pastor Demers’ arch rival from when Pastor Demers was chairman of the Republican Party in his hometown to DeAngelis’ being chairman of the Democratic party there), and John Bevilacqua (who was the head of the RI Senate). Also, Stephen Cicilline was the lawyer who worked for the Rhode Island General Assembly, and the brother of Jack Cicilline who was the lawyer for the Mafia.

Governor Sundlun was trying, as a Jewish man, to fit in, so he didn’t want to take a chance on offending anybody with anything. The article explained that he would cow tow to them and compromise because he didn’t want to offend them; he was trying to fit in, not alienate.Also Judge Fay had been set up to be the “golden boy” of this administration to control the courts to the political machine’s advantage. Judge Fay, who was one of the persons who framed Pastor Demers, was one of the people whom the political machine had illegally set up to be in a position to do whatever they asked him to do, instantly being promoted from being a nobody Family Court judge to being Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

It should be further noted that ultimately after Pastor Demers did 46 expose television shows on statewide cable TV interconnect, concerning statewide corruption, that Mattie Smith and Judge Fay were caught in some illegal activity, and were expelled from their respective positions with the state. As a result of this, Judge Fay was disbarred and is now a convicted felon. Mattie Smith was exposed as being one of the “kingpins” controlling the Democratic political machine, and Judge Fay was one of his pawns, and of course, this information is all readily available in public documentation.

There was another dramatic result from one of these expose television shows done by Pastor Demers: On one of the shows, Pastor Demers exposed that Joseph DeAngelis illegally got himself put on the Commission for Judicial Tenure and Discipline, and that he was then illegally involved in getting Judge Fay appointed as Chief Justice. On this particular show, Pastor Demers held up the documents proving this, on the air, looked into the camera, and said, “Joe DeAngelis, I want you and your cronies to resign, NOW!” And they left their postitions. (I have viewed this and other television shows produced by Pastor Demers from the archives…they still exist.)

What happened here was that, because of what was being exposed with objective documentation from government and other objective sources (the documents which were being suppressed by government and media—which, of course, were indisputable evidence), and because Pastor Demers was not only talking about them but was showing the documents on the air, the center of influence people behind the scenes who controlled the political machine knew that Judge Fay, Mattie Smith, and Joe DeAngelis carried too much political baggage that was being revealed to the public, and so as to not jeopardize the whole political machine, they allowed/caused them to be dumped.

Morally and ethically and according to the laws, of course Governor Sundlun should have pardoned Pastor Demers and done much more, such as bringing the perpetrators of the framing to justice, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work that way except in the movies. No one seems to have enough guts to do the right thing, because they’d have too much to lose personally. And that’s another reason that we are doing this; we’re not going to be like them.

Lots of people both in government and public offices and the like, as well as people in the private sector, should have stood up and done something, and they didn’t. We’re not going to be like them…. Just viewing the television shows that Pastor Demers made, inspired us to stand up and tell the truth where others won’t.

As time permits I will be including the text of the documents I have referred to, as well as many other documents from both Rhode Island and Mississippi, so that all of the lies which have been told (and those that are still being told) will no longer be able to stand. Over time they will all be exposed for just what they are—lies. And, the people who are telling them will all be exposed for what they are—liars. And also, all of the crimes that have been committed by government officials and by clergy of organized religion will be clear.

So to those of you who have been involved, let me direct this to you: These documents will be seen all over the internet, as well as through a large volume of emails, so that there will no longer be any doubt in people’s minds about the truth in these situations and what these people have done to this man and his ministry, and how you have hurt so many other people by what you have done with your corruption and lies! The computer and the internet are quite lovely things sometimes. A push of a button, and all of your evil will be exposed. You will not be able to stop it.

Pastor Demers shut down his television shows by choice because he didn’t want to put in the time anymore. Well, we have the time! Sorry, I got a little carried away there, but it is kind of exciting knowing that at last, there are those of us who will stand up and speak, and you will not be able to stop this many of us! You have trampled on Wade Demers because he put himself out there and was willing to stand alone and be exposed to your evil. This man, Wade Demers, in my opinion (which is based on the facts I have researched) is a hero for what he’s done and endured; and if you follow the history of people who have been detractors of his, you will see some very strange things…not just in Rhode Island (many of which I can detail at another time as time permits), but in Meridian, Mississippi where Pastor Demers now resides.

Yes, if you follow the history of those who denounce and defame Pastor Demers, you will see some very strange things, indeed--like the pastor named McDonald, who ended up having to step down from the pulpit at his church for getting caught looking at internet porn in the church office…and the mayor of the city who is involved in covering up an arson and other crimes committed against Pastor Demers’ ministry and his church, and the people at the library who are trying to cover up child pornography in the library accessible to children. (The board of the library was involved in setting it up so that articles involving sexually explicit material—including a 90-year-old man having sex with a 15-year-old girl—were available on the shelves for young children.) Also, there is a Baptist pastor named Jim Miller who told Patti Demers (Pastor Demers’ wife*) that she was Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and David Koresh.

Yes, he was spreading the rumor around town, along with an Episcopalian minister named Christopher Shelton, that Patti Demers (not Pastor Demers, but his wife Patti) was a combination of Charles Manson and David Koresh and Jim Jones! Also, Crystal Dupre, the publisher of the local Meridian, Mississippi newspaper, The Meridian Star, was telling people bad things about Pastor Demers and saying that nobody should listen to him. These are just some of the examples; and as time permits, we will be providing more.

And then there’s the chaplain from the prison, Chaplain Dennis Marks, who has slandered Pastor Demers and his wife in public places and on the internet. On one occasion, Pastor Demers and his wife Patricia (Patti) had responded to a public solicitation by Chaplain Marks in the local Meridian, Mississippi newspaper, The Meridian Star, for volunteers to help with the prison ministry program (because of concern that the rate of recidivism where people return to prison after getting out was still very high at 85%).

Chaplain Marks treated Pastor Demers and his wife horribly, not only screaming nasty insults at Pastor Demers but at his wife, too, in a public place in the large lobby and reception area which is for the prison, the sheriff's office and the prison ministry which are all in one location. Under this, in their opinion “startling barrage of insanity," theDemerses quietly left the building and chose to communicate their concerns by phone directly to the sheriff whose authority is over the prison ministry.

Also, on another occasion, Pastor Demers and his wife Patricia were attending a Good News Jail and Prison Ministry banquet where the speaker was nationally known guest speaker Jack “Murf the Surf” Murphy. Chaplain Marks harassed and insulted Pastor Demers and his wife, even to the point that he had them escorted from the building and detained by security, after they had already been admitted and had given in their purchased admission tickets. He was trying to prevent them from attending the banquet!

Chaplain Marks was so rude to Pastor Demers and his wife in this public environment, that the sheriff (who is over the prison system that Chaplain Marks works for) had to reprimand him privately, and then had him go back and apologize to the Demerses, and to allow them to enter the banquet. It was only because of the sheriff interceding that Chaplain Marks’ tirade and insults did not prevail. It would be interesting if this sheriff, whom Pastor Demers and his wife had visited privately to explain and discuss the situation with Chaplain Marks and the prison ministry, were to decide to act in a Serpico-like fashion, to bring to light what’s being done in Meridian, Mississippi.

This certainly might be a catalyst that would serve to lift the media freeze and the denial of these people’s equal protection under the law in the restoration of their heretofore deprived rights.

And, it might even reverse the effect of the slander and media freeze that was accomplished years ago here in New England. It seems like a “win, win” situation—it’s a great story, and the public would be served by becoming more cognizant of how pervasive corruption in government is, and how the materialism and greed which has entered in and become so pervasive to organized religion, has given the clergy access to the power of government to bring pressure to bear against those with whom they have bias and prejudice against…and how that corruption is used to execute wrath in cases of prejudice, bias, and bigotry.

And, of course, this would allow this man’s ministry to move forward unimpeded and thus more people would be receiving the benefit, and people like me could find something better to do, because then the normal guarantees of the Constitution and the state and local laws, common sense and ethics, and Judeo-Christian principals would be being applied.

It’s a sad testimony to this nation that private citizens have to gather to speak out against such horrendous violations of the supposed principles of our country and that so-called “Good Book.” We and the others are willing to do this and whatever it takes, but it would be quite nice and a lot easier for all of us, if we just allowed rule of law, the golden rule, common sense, and ethical and moral principals to dictate our lives rather than greed, avarice, materialism, bias, bigotry, and prejudice.

I hope that there are a lot more of you out there that agree with me, and that you have only been apathetic because of your ignorance as to the reality of the terrible and corrupt situations and circumstances that are surrounding us all the time in the dark…a darkness that is controlled by corrupt government and controlled media.About a year ago, a very telling thing that happened was that a Meridian, Mississippi City Councilman, Jesse Palmer, told Pastor Demers and another member of the church that they were supposed to pack their bags and run when those people burned their house out and “don’t you know what they did to Martin Luther King when they couldn’t stop him? They had him killed,” and “if I get mad at you, I’ll tell you to your face and hit you with a 2 by 4; not these people, they’re sneaky—they’ll go behind the scenes; and there is no limit to their capability."

In the context said, Jesse Palmer was referring to the mayor, the city council and other center of influence people in the city. So, looking back at the matter regarding Nicole…obviously either Pastor Demers is a very lucky guesser, or he heard from God, and subsequently what he had been saying was confirmed by the information he got at the RI Hospital Medical Library.It’s more than disgusting that this slander has been going on for so long…this has been going on for years, because of the hatred many people have for him, apparently just like they hated Paul and Stephen and Jesus in the Bible.

The people who are detracting shouldn’t be detracting, and the people who are believing the detractors shouldn’t be believing them. It’s time for it to stop. It’s the age old thing; they hate the message so they attack the messenger. You don’t have to agree with the person but you don’t do this type of thing to someone when you disagree with them!

The people who are detracting are saying things that are not true, either from their own mind or from slander that they have read and/or heard and repeated…but just like in this case here, to the contrary of what they are doing, we can document what we are saying.

For example, there is a supposed preacher named Terrence Roberts, who does oral pornography, describing sexual acts in graphic detail. They call him “The King of Erotica.” When he does this oral pornography, he does it at various clubs and venues around the city of Meridian, Mississippi.

He also has been involved in threatening various members of the church where Pastor Demers is pastor, and, in a public place used racial slurs against a woman who attends church there. He was also personally involved when one of his cohorts in the erotica tried to assault Pastor Demers. This same person, on a subsequent occasion, threatened to kill Patricia Demers at an NAACP meeting. Her name is Sandra. It should be noted that both Terrence and Sandra are among the internet detractors of Wade Demers and his ministry.

And, like I said, this man Terrence Roberts is supposedly a preacher! Amazing. Terrence Roberts has an interesting set-up in downtown Meridian, Mississippi where he has a combination restaurant/coffee shop, which also has banquet rooms, a dining room, and a theatre room (all of which he rents out to the general public for such things as private parties), and other interesting activities in a building he calls his “church.”

This man is one of the main slanderers of Wade Demers and his ministry. Think how you would feel if it was done to you! I want the people in Mississippi to see that there are a number of us from around the country who are fed up with all this, so we’re going to take from our personal time, and we’re just not going to allow it anymore. Forgive the wordiness but as I said before, this is so huge in scope that it will take much truth to counteract the many lies.

It’s interesting...Pastor Demers quotes the Bible a lot, and I’ll share with you a quote which seems appropriate here. It’s a quote from him, but it’s from the Bible: “‘No weapon that is formed against you will prosper; and every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their vindication is from Me,’ declares the LORD.” (Isaiah 54:17)…and perhaps if there is a God, He’s said that enough is enough. Whatever God has decided or not decided, if He is, we have decided that enough is enough, and so we will proceed.

In later installments I will be explaining how a murder was committed by three of the young men who were frequently at the home of Jacalynn Demers during that time frame. This murder happened as a result of the horror that was going on in the marital domicile (under the sole control of Jacalynn Demers, and the oversight of Judge Fay and the oversight of Rogeriee Thompson and DCF). This was all being covered up so the judge and the lawyers could continue to bleed the Demers estate.

Things at the marital domicile went out of control with children and young people doing sex, drugs, and booze after the husband and father, Wade Demers, had been put out of the home.These things happened through the intentional blindness of Judge Fay, Rogeriee Thompson, Nicholas Colangelo and others, as they continued to cover up what was happening, while Pastor Demers was attempting to get help from the authorities, the media, government officials, and anyone he could get to listen, to expose what was going on and to get help for his children. Yet he was shut down at every turn, because politics controlled the authorities, and the media was controlled by policy and politics (remember the Debra Horne comment).

Yes, horribly, one ultimate result of all of this was that some of the young people that were doing the sex, drugs and booze in Jacalynn’s home (with Jacalynn’s, Judge Fay’s, Rogeriee Thompson’s and Nicholas Colangelo’s permission) committed the murder of a woman in Smithfield named Mrs. Marcotte.

The three young men (Timothy Jackson, Leroy Olney, and Ralph Manchester) who committed the murder were among the numbers of young people who were constantly “partying” and out of control and many times living at Jacalynn’s home, and who said, “We can get away with anything now that Judge Fay is the Chief Justice.”

The way this came about was: at one point during the horror at Jacalynn’s house, prior to the murder of Mrs. Marcotte, Ralph Manchester was with Kirk Demers in the open loft on the second floor of the Demers home, when they overheard Rogeriee Thompson say to Jacalynn: “Now that Judge Fay is Chief Justice, we don’t have anything to worry about with Wade.”

She meant that they didn’t have to worry about Pastor Demers exposing anything they had done, and that they could keep on doing what they were doing and not have to worry about any repercussions, because Fay was Chief Justice and would be able to prevent anything like that from happening.But the boys translated that in their minds to “we can do anything we want and won’t get in trouble for it,” and subsequently, Ralph Manchester, Leroy Olney, and Timothy Jackson saw Pastor Demers preaching on the streets in Smithfield and they said, “We can get away with anything now; Judge Fay has us covered.” Pastor Wade said, “How do you know that?" and they told him about Ralph and Kirk overhearing Rogeriee talking to Jacalynn.

So, they progressed from the more minor infractions of their drug and alcohol use, etc. to armed robbery and murder. Ralph Manchester even supposedly said, in his defense, that he didn’t mean to become involved in a murder; he was just trying to score some money so he could buy some more cocaine, not realizing that it was an armed robbery leading to murder. Remember, they believed that they could get away with anything because Judge Fay was now Chief Justice, as Rogeriee Thompson had spoken.

Yes, Judge Fay had been promoted to Chief Justice by this time…and dates and times indeed show that the framing of Wade Demers was timed so that Pastor Demers would be “out of the way” and in jail to keep him quiet about Judge Fay’s crimes, during the time of the public hearings regarding Judge Fay’s appointment to the office of Chief Justice. In fact, Pastor Demers was let out of jail one day early, with no explanation, the day after Judge Fay’s hearing was held where the public had a chance to present evidence in a public forum contrary to Judge Fay being put into the office of Chief Justice.

This is interesting because it is the same thing that is happening in Pastor Demers’ current city (Meridian, Mississippi) that keeps the evil from being exposed there. The City Council and media in Meridian, Mississippi did the same thing. They didn’t frame him but they are using any and all tactics to keep Pastor Demers from speaking in these public forums regarding the crimes that have been committed by local officials. Also, the media in Meridian is true to form because my research has shown that Crystal Dupre, the publisher of the local paper, The Meridian Star, has told the Demerses and someone else, “You’ll never get the truth out in my newspaper.”

I will, as time permits, also provide details of an extortion committed by Rogeriee Thompson, Judge Fay, and Nicholas Colangelo in which they threatened him that if he didn’t “bury” the evidence that he (Pastor Demers) had against them, they would frame him with charges so that he’d never get out of jail. Pastor Demers replied, “You’ll have to kill me. I’m going to get help for my children.”

People out there, you don’t know what REALLY happened! Now is the time for you to find out! Some more thoughts: All of this certainly brings up the same question in the minds of all of us…WHY? Why were government officials, as well as the clergy from all denominations (more on this in future installments as time permits), working cooperatively to stop this man’s ministry, and hurt this man and his family personally? After the truth concerning that which is slander is revealed, and his detractors and their motivations are exposed, the more important story will be told…

Just what is Pastor Demers’ work? What is his mission? And why does government and organized religion want it stopped? As I plow through the documentation and speak directly to those involved, thoughts of Indiana Jones, Morpheus, and Neo and Trinity seem to be overshadowed by this true-life saga. And, interestingly enough, the words “quest,” “good over evil,” and “David vs. Goliath” come into play.

Bear with me; I am not an author. I’m just a fellow American citizen who just acts as observer, researcher, and reporter. And like many of you, I’m just fed up with standing on the sidelines. For as I read somewhere recently, “when good men fail to act, evil men rule”. Perhaps we can see something in the example of Pastor Demers' cousin "Chippy," who was convicted of manufacturing marijuana cigarettes with intent to sell, and subsequently became a dealer in hard drugs.

Ironically, many of his customers in his hard drug dealing were young homeless people who derived their income from stealing or male prostitution. Many of these same people were the ones whom Pastor Demers was ministering to on the streets of Providence, Rhode Island, at the time. These were the same people that Chippy was dealing drugs to, that Pastor Demers was trying to get off the drugs and away from the homeless lifestyle and back into normal life. So, we can see the motivation and the anger from this detractor, the “close relative”…Pastor Demers was bad for Chippy’s business.

Perhaps that’s the reason why clergy and government are so angered at this man and want to “take him out”…he’s bad for their business! For those of you who don’t know, Pastor Demers gave up everything, has taken a vow of poverty, gave away his fortune, and gave away his business to act in a fashion that many people would like to see their own pastor act. And, he doesn’t pass a basket where he preaches, and many times he helps people who don’t have anything.

The corruption that is part and parcel of American government, as well as the greed and materialism that is condoned and supported by organized religion, are diametrically opposed by the principals taught and through the ministry of this man, Pastor Wade Demers. It appears that Pastor Demers just firmly believes, lives and teaches that we need to go back, not to just talking the talk but to walking the walk embodied by the Judeo-Christian values as allegedly delineated by the Creator in the book called the Bible.

Or, quite simply put: government and organized religious clergy lose much of their illicit and improper income when people understand and live the truth. Just like with Chippy, for them, Wade Demers is "bad for business." One more thing regarding this: one of the insiders told Pastor Demers that the bad guys were going to try and stop him by hurting his children. And they did try to stop him by hurting his children. (And you don’t even know the half of it yet.)

After all, what do you do to a man to try and stop him? It’s an old Mafia tactic, except that these people are worse than the Mafia, because they do it under the guise of law. The tactic is: you threaten them, and when that doesn’t work, you attack their property; and when that doesn’t work, you attack their person; and when that doesn’t work, you attack their children (the most heinous of all tactics, in my opinion, and I think you would agree); and perhaps when that doesn’t work, you have to kill them. Why do you think that Meridian, Mississippi city councilman warned Pastor Demers?

FINAL NOTES: Because I had heard so much controversy concerning this man and his ministry, I myself, before getting involved in this type of activity, had to find out for myself just what is this man all about, and what he teaches.

As a college educated professional who has had various experience in business, education, and social work, and who has been a participant in various forms of traditional American Judeo-Christian religious experience, I would like to share some personal insights I have observed regarding this man and his teaching.

One of the observations that I think is important to note is that Pastor Demers has no new ideas, but he has many that have been forgotten and are no longer taught nor are practiced in today’s organized religion. But he has many old, old ideas that are in the Bible; his teachings come from one resource: a book that has been around for a long time--the Bible--and I have attended services and Bible studies at which he has taught. Pastor Demers literally says, at the beginning of his meetings, that if he says anything contrary to the Bible, any person there should interrupt the meeting and point it out to everybody because he (Pastor Demers) is not right, the Bible is right.

He also states that if anyone sees him living anything contrary to the Bible that they should(either openly at a meeting or by contacting him privately) let him know, because he only wants to follow the Book. In my over half a century of living, I find this quite interesting and refreshing, as in that time frame, I have never encountered a preacher or teacher of any subject or religion who is so open to criticism. And, if one confines it to religion, I have never seen a teacher or preacher or rabbi who is so purely dedicated in their teaching to the Bible, and isn’t relying on personal conjecture or outside materials.

I’ve heard Pastor Demers state that he refuses to interpret the Bible; but that, like any other wise and intelligent person, when God inspired the Book, God said what He meant and meant what He said. And that although in isolated context, there may be what appear to be questions or contradictions in the Bible, these apparent questions or contradictions are (according to Pastor Demers) easily resolved without interpretation, elsewhere in the Bible.

From my observation, this man is just a very fundamental and conservative teacher and practitioner of the teachings in the Bible, and is a close and meticulous adherent to the teaching and concepts in a book that a great number of the people in this world consider a good book--The Bible--and some people even say that this nation’s constitution was founded on principles from that book. These are the very principles and guarantees that are being tromped on by those who are attacking this man and his ministry. Interestingly, in doing my research, I found out that many people do not realize that this man’s ministry goes beyond state lines and even internationally.

I can almost find myself thinking that I wish that when I was growing up, I had encountered this type of person, who could have taught me many values I had to learn through the “school of hard knocks.” I could have avoided “learning the hard way,” because many times the foolish person has to learn the hard way, whereas if a person receives wisdom beforehand, he can many times avoid some of the common pitfalls of life.

For now, I just want to state, in closing, that my objective is that the truth be exposed; and my research has proven to me that if this man’s ministry becomes unfettered by all of the nonsense, that many hurting people can get some relief and get some help that they can’t get from government or organized religion. There’s a lot of pain and hurt and misunderstanding out there that is not being addressed, and people and their families are suffering for it. I hope that others of you will join us in our quest for justice here. If you’d like to, please email me at

Here is a little known fact found in our research…decades ago, when talk radio started as just casual chat sessions in New England, it was Pastor Demers who, by his input and questions, turned it, in many cases, towards a tool where people could speak out against things that they saw wrong in government. The greatest serendipity that may come from what’s been done wrong to this man may be that the pervasive corruption of our society can be somewhat diminished or controlled if others take the time to do the research and the exposure such as we are doing in this case. It should be interesting to see where this bus takes us!

This is the end of this installment…As I sign off, I truly feel like the early journalists in this nation who wrote their articles and then printed them on printing presses hidden from the evil ones whom they were exposing…and then, once the ink was dried, distributed it to those to whom they knew that this new-found knowledge would make a difference. A difference for good. A difference for justice.

Update--for further information, go to:

Jacalynn Demers is Pastor Demers' ex-wife. He has been happily married to Patricia Demers for over 20 years. See: